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Intelligent Bill and Invoice Management

Track Payments,
Manage Customers,
& Get Paid Faster.

Manage Customers & Payments

Who paid and who owes? Browse your data in real-time and make sure you get paid.

Payment Reminders That Actually Work.

Nobody likes asking their customers to pay their overdue invoice. Take the awkwardness out of getting paid by using BillZap’s pre-written reminders.  They are friendly, effective and designed to get you paid faster.

Thank You Notes Get You Paid

Remembering to thank customers for their business can be a pain, which is why most companies don’t do it.  But saying thanks can go a long way in building relationships and getting paid faster.  That’s why BillZap makes it easy to send beautiful, timely thank-you notes when you get paid.

Reviewing bills and signing checks took up half my morning every Tuesday. With BillZap, I pay my bills in 20 minutes." - Rene Usher, CFO, Dragonfly Capital I spend most of my time on the road, so I love being able to log into BillZap to approve and pay my bills whenever I want to." - Henry Ijams, CEO, PayStream Advisors