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Payments Platform For Every Business

About BillZap

A Payments Platform For Every Business

Because getting paid should be easier!  If you’ve ever owned a small business or managed collections, you know how difficult it can be to collect the money you are owed.  You are not alone. 50% of small businesses in the U.S. report struggling with customers that can’t or don’t pay their bills on time.  That is a big problem, but we are here to help.

As it turns out, the secret to getting paid is not that complicated.  Businesses that consistently follow up on their invoices and payments are three times less likely to report delinquent receivables.  But tracking and following up on receivables consistently is easier said than done, right? That is why we made BillZap.

No more running reports from your accounting system.  No more searching for copies of invoices.  No more half written follow-up emails growing old in your drafts folder. Basically, no more excuses for not getting paid on time.

BillZap is your dedicated receivables management assistant.  We are on a mission to give you the tools and services you need to control your cash flow in a better way.

We keep you informed of who you need to contact, what you need to say, and when you need to say it by intelligently tracking your receivables, prioritizing your tasks, and arming you with email messages designed to get you paid without hurting anyone’s feelings. Whether you’re at the office or on the beach, with two clicks you can follow up on an invoice with a friendly, effective payment reminder (with your original invoice attached).

Go ahead and give us a try, start CC’ing us on your outgoing invoices today.

Reviewing bills and signing checks took up half my morning every Tuesday. With BillZap, I pay my bills in 20 minutes." - Rene Usher, CFO, Dragonfly Capital I spend most of my time on the road, so I love being able to log into BillZap to approve and pay my bills whenever I want to." - Henry Ijams, CEO, PayStream Advisors