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What does BillZap do?

BillZap is a cloud-based billing and payment network for businesses. We deliver easy to use solutions for accounts payable and accounts receivable by creating a paperless link between businesses. On one side of the network (BillZap for Payers), we enable businesses to receive, process and pay 100% of their bills electronically. On the other side of the network (BillZap for Suppliers), we help businesses get paid, manage cash, and improve their collections practices. Either way, our web-based platform is designed to be easy to use from day one.

Tell me more about BillZap for Accounts Payable (AP).

BillZap for Accounts Payable automates bill processing, approval, and payment. Our web-based platform integrates with your accounting system to zap paper-intensive processes, instantly making them paperless. Invoices are scanned, indexed, stored, and routed according to your business rules to save time, money and increase your control over the AP process.

Why BillZap?

In addition to our easy to use payment application and mobile tools, it’s our employees that set us apart. We realize that to build industry-leading solutions and provide best-in-class customer support, it is critical to have employees with deep expertise in bill payment and electronic payment. Our clients are not just using BillZap; they’re also getting best practice recommendations and consulting from leaders in AP and billing. BillZap’s solutions incorporate:

  • Deep knowledge of how the accounts payable process actually works
  • Simple tools that require no training, no IT and zero technical know-how
  • Invoice imaging and optical character recognition (OCR) data capture
  • Workflow technology configured to match your business rules
  • Automated invoice matching using touchless technology
  • Ability to connect with 100% of your suppliers
  • Accounting system integration

I am researching AP automation. Are there alternatives to BillZap? How does BillZap stack up?

For first time buyers researching this industry, you can roughly segment accounts payable solutions into two groups: (1) AP Tools, and (2) AP Services.

AP Tools are standalone solutions that can accomplish a specific task, such as scanning documents, extracting data, storing data, or executing payments. These tools require industry and technical expertise to design new processes, and install and maintain the system. Other than Fortune 1000 companies, few businesses have the time and resources required to research, select, install and maintain several tools to automate bill processing.

AP Services are solutions like BillZap. There are a handful of companies that compete in this space. What sets BillZap apart is that we are lightweight, low cost solution. We are not the clunky, complex enterprise systems you have experienced in the past. We are designed for small and medium size businesses that want 100% end-to-end automation but cannot afford to spend $20,000 upfront on software. BillZap is a single, easy to use solution that requires no budget. With our flat, transaction-based pricing structure, you can start Zaping your paper bills, reducing costs, and streamlining your back-office from day one.

What is the BillZap Supplier Network?

The BillZap Supplier Network connects you with your suppliers (the businesses you pay) to streamline communication and collaboration. We avoid the challenges of point-to-point connections and manual processes by providing a centralized platform for you to exchange data with suppliers quickly and easily. Suppliers love using BillZap to gain insight into their invoice and payment status in real-time.

How secure is the BillZap Supplier Network?

The BillZap Supplier Network was designed with security in mind. All communications on the BillZap Supplier Network use HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), which is the standard for secure Internet communication. HTTPS uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which incorporates RSA’s highly regarded encryption system.

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Reviewing bills and signing checks took up half my morning every Tuesday. With BillZap, I pay my bills in 20 minutes." - Rene Usher, CFO, Dragonfly Capital I spend most of my time on the road, so I love being able to log into BillZap to approve and pay my bills whenever I want to." - Henry Ijams, CEO, PayStream Advisors